La carretilla colorada

La carretilla colorada
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Hoy vamos a sentir la velocidad de ir montados en una vagoneta roja y además aprenderemos palabras nuevas en inglés con una canción y un vídeo muy divertidos.

Letra en inglés:

Bumpin’ up and down in our little red wagon
Bumpin’ up and down in our little red wagon
Bumpin’ up and down in our little red wagon
Won’t you be my friend?

Let’s pretend we are super heros
Protecting our friends and everybody we know
Everyone can play come on let’s all go
Everyone pretend

We will never go near a stranger
Or cross the street without a parent or teenager
We’ll teach younger kids how to stay out of danger
And they will do that too

We’ll pick up bottles and cans and plastic
Paper and trash and bands elastic
Cleaning up the town is really fantastic
Won’t you help out too?

We’ll load up the wagon now everybody’s huffin’
We’ll sell cookies and juice and muffins
And we’ll give the money with those with nothin’
And we will feel good too


Palabras clave traducidas:

to bump up – dar botes

friend – amigo

to pretend – pretender, fingir

hero – héroe

stranger –  extraño

parent – padre

teenager – adolescente

bottle – botella

can – lata

fantastic – fantástico

huffing – jadeando

cookie – galleta

juice – zumo

muffins – magdalena



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